Meet Our Professional Staff


Managing Member

Justin is a life long shooting and firearms enthusiast. Justin is an Army veteran and a graduate from Central Michigan University's business administration program. Justin left the Army in 2007 to join the Indiana Air National Guard Security Forces squadron and later served in communications. Justin then was hired to work as a police officer where he is serving into his 12th year as a patrol officer and will soon be promoted to Sergeant. Justin has attended multiple schools and training while employed as a police officer. His most recent school from Singleton International certifies him as a MP5 submachinegun and AR15/M4 instructor. Further Justin has attended multiple other instructor level armorer courses. Justin hopes to use his past experience and training to help those who are new and struggle in shooting to realize their full potential in a positive learning environment.

Growing up in Michigan Justin learned to hunt and shoot from from a young age. Justin to this day has a passion for hunting and the shooting sports. Justin has competed at Camp Perry and has an interest in longrange shooting and Class III arms. Justin's main passion is waterfowl hunting which occupies him most falls.

Justin is the active managing member of Precision Arms of Indiana LLC and the lead share holder. Justin looks forward to bringing others into the shooting and hunting world through Precision Arms. Justin is also proud to be a law enforcement dealer in Heckler & Koch, Surefire, Daniel Defense and Benelli Law Enforcement.


Jeff Ott, has been shooting and hunting since childhood. Raised in Indiana farm country, he has known and studied firearms and shooting techniques all his life. Military knowledge of firearms abounds in his family and from them he learned much about military small arms and their use. Under the careful supervision of his brother-in-law, a military arms instructor, he learned to shoot and care for rifles, pistols and shotguns at a very early age.

After earning a B.S and M.A., Jeff taught school and continued with firearms as his hobby. In the mid-70s, he learned of the new Gunsite shooting school run by Colonel Jeff Cooper near Prescott, AZ. By attending, he gained new insights into what carrying a handgun really meant in the real world. He obtained his first Indiana Unlimited Personal Protection Permit in 1976 and has been carrying handguns since that time. Always wanting to become proficient and better educated, he studied with Massad Ayoob, John Farnum and Clint Smith. Jeff has since become charter life-member #30 of the International Defensive Pistol Association. He is a Benefactor member of the National Rifle Association. He is an NRA-certified Training Counselor and firearms instructor in all disciplines. He is a member of the Garand Collector's Association. He has 10 years of services as a reserve deputy sheriff. He holds the rank of Master Shooter in pistol and rifle and has reached perfect 300 scores in police qualification courses.

He is a certified Glock, Smith & Wesson and AR15/M16 armorer. He is a member of the NFA Owners of America and gives lectures on automatic arms and their use. He competes in sub-machine gun competitions around the country. He is a regular competitor at Camp Perry in the Civilian Marksmanship Program's matches held in August of each year shooting M1 Garands and 1903 rifles. He holds a Master's degree in adult training and education. He is an accomplished author and has written over 200 articles in his lifetime. He has been actively involved in firearms training for over 25 years.


General Manager

Philip Peterson is known to many gun enthusiasts as an author for Gun Digest magazine and a writer of many books having to do with military and collectible firearms. Precision Arms of Indiana welcomes Phil as an Manager in our shop and is our primary gunsmith. Phil holds a two-year degree in gunsmithing and has over 20 years experience in gun repair. Phil is considered an authority on foreign military arms and is available to appraise and identify older self-contained cartridge guns for our customers. Phil's books are also available in our shop. Phil is the editor of Modern Tactical Rifles and the Gun Digest book of Military Arms. Phil has also authored Gun Digests Book of Modern Gun Values.

Phil's knowledge and experience in both gunsmithing and firearms is enormous and he is a valued member of Precision Arms of Indiana LLC. Please check out his books and support his work.


Production and Design Manager

Jeremiah is our buyer for law enforcement products and also a machinist. Jeremiah is a veteran of the US Army and a machinist by trade. Jeremiah has had many prestigious assignments in the Army and can fabricate almost anything. An experienced CNC operator and designer Jeremiah is working on numerous projects for PAI.


Hecker and Koch LE Sales Representative

Michael Michael is one of our traveling sales representatives for our Law Enforcement Division. Michael is a experienced sales manager with years of experience and has been working with PAI since its inception. An avid H&K collector and enthusiast he is a great addition to our H&K LE Sales team. Michael's will continue to seek out new LE customers while maintaining our existing customer base with outstanding customer service.


Law Enforcement Sales Manager

Robert is one of our expert Law Enforcement sales team members. Robert is a veteran of the US Navy in communications and a US Army National Guard Infantryman. In addition to his Military Service Robert has been in Law Enforcement for over 18 years and is currently a supervisor. An expert at management and organization he is responsible for great increases in production through management. Roberts most effective tool is "management through expectations" which assist employees with what is expected of them. Robert is a holder of a MBA and is our Business Administrator assisting with financial strategies as they pertain to Law Enforcement agency sales. Robert is also a Certified H&K MP5 and AR15 instructor from Phil Singleton. We are Glad to have Robert aboard and look forward to his serving the law enforcement market.


Retail Salesperson Analyst

Conrad is a established member of our team. Conrad is a US Army Veteran of 4 years active duty as a helicopter technician. Conrad has expert sales skills and is happy to assist any customer with their firearms questions and sales. An avid experienced shooter Conrad is a excellent addition to the team and a excellent armorer. Conrad can often be caught at the shop Wednesdays and Fridays and alternating weekends. Conrad is looking into a career in law enforcement and is in active hiring processes with several local police departments. Conrad has been with the company for about 3 plus years and we hope to have him for many more.


LE Sales Representative

Zach is a recent addition to the PAI sales team in the ever growing LE Sales Division. Zach is a veteran Law Enforcement Officer, which he still serves in this capacity. In addition to Zach's substantial experience, Zach has obtained an MBA to better his sales experience. Zach is also a former collegiate athlete and his competitive mindset will be a welcome addition to our sales team. Further, Zach loves the shooting world and is a very knowledgeable student of small arms. Zach will take over the traveling sales force for Law Enforcement/ Government sales due to PAI's recent expansion. Please welcome Zach as he serves your agency!


General Manager Retail Sales

Todd is a veteran of the US Army Reserves and had been with the company about 3 years. Starting as a Intern while still in high school Todd is a exceptionally fast learner. Todd is a excellent armorer for the AR15 series of weapons and most semi auto pistols. While attending college, Todd can be found most days running the retail portion of Precision Arms. While attending school and working Todd serves as a Unit Supply Specialist and Armorer for his Army Reserve unit. Todd is about to attend his 20 level armorer certification and will be looking to obtain a commission as an officer in the US Army.